Cutfire is a dynamic company that strives for excellence. We offer a wide range of services to you with professional and sound advice. We pledge to give each job the most careful attention with the emphasis on quality workmanship. Our objective and goal is to establish and maintain a long lasting relationship with our clients by providing exceptional advice and unmatched quality

Cutfire is a reputable business entity that has been servicing the South African industry for well over a decade. We are a BEE compliant company. We are rated as a Level 3 BEE company (110%) Affiliations: Cutfire's services are accredited by the following bodies; SABS, SAQCC fire and FFETA

Fire fighting

At Cutfire Security Systems our comprehensive solutions towards fire fighting are a symbol of our pride. All our business clientele is treated exceptionally well and receive the best customer care at all times. To ensure the safety of our customers and good value for money, we source the firefighting equipment from reputable suppliers. As standard practice and to ensure the safety of our customers, we require and insist upon standard approval certificates from our suppliers.

security services

Bullet: These include waterproof wall-mount or ceiling-mounted unit typically designed for indoor use, but can also be fill some outdoor applications.
Dome: These housings are designed to make the cameras unobtrusive providing visual access to all areas.
Desktop/Board Cameras: These tiny cameras are well suited for desktop use for Skype and other low-resolution teleconference applications.
Discreet Cameras: It can be a clock, a smoke detector and motion sensor. The real answer is none of the above. They are normally conventional cameras placed in discreet locations.
Infrared/Night Vision: These night- vision cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black conditions using IR LED

Protective and corporate wear

We supply the following protective clothing:
Combat Uniforms
Combat Uniform Trousers Black
Ear Protection
Eye Protection
First Aid Kits
Hand Protection
Miscellaneous Gear
Protective Head and Face Gear
Reflective Gear
Safety Footwear
Safety Signs
Safety Signs Flammable

For all your fire control and security needs

We help you compat all fires, from server rooms to mining, industrial or agricultural vehicles.

Fire suppression in server rooms

Fire suppression systems for server rooms and data centres are essential to the server room itself. A fire suppression system will automatically extinguish a fire without the need of human intervention. Fire suppression systems for data centres must be suitable for clean air environments, as server rooms and data centres are mostly occupied by personnel

Fire suppression in vehicles

From small vehicles to large off road and heavy equipment vehicles we supply and service extinguishers and custom build extinguishing systems for all types including Bulldozers, Compactors, Drag Lines, Drils, Excavators. Forestry harvesters, Graders, Haul Trucks, Loaders, Military Vehicles, Scrapers, Slag pot carriers, Underground mining vehicles, Waste haulers, and Agricultural vehicles.

Concrete and prewalling

We supply, install and repair high quality concrete wall materials with moulds and we specialise in erecting concrete walls. We are confident that our concrete wall products, erected concrete walls and steel palisade fences will last our customers a very long time

Gate automation

As part of gate automation solutions Cutfire provides the following products: . Electric Gates Electric Sliding Gates Kits Sliding Gate Hardware Swing Gate Hardware Industrial Electric Gates Entry Barriers - Automatic Safety and Security Equipment Gate Safety Edges Accessories

Pallisade fencing

As part of fencing solutions (metal and concrete palisade fencing) Cutfire provides the following products Standard panels, Arched panels, Hot rolled panels . .Galvanised Palisade System, Bolt-on palisade, . Fence palings and posts .Gates and fencing wire

Electrical fencing

Cutfire's expertise and customer service are trusted choices for domestic, commercial, industrial and even government customers alike as they meet the strict specifications required to secure areas such as townhouses, cluster complexes, prisons, airports, power stations, defence facilities and municipalities

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